Our School

Three of our secondary students, Luciano Aguirre, Renato Chaparro & Gaetano Bracale, have made an amazing model of our school using “Minecraft”.

This video shows the incredible detail of their work and how much we all miss HB! See the video here:


Dealing with Stress and Anxiety - Student workshops

On Tuesday, October 20th, Hiram Bingham was proud to host the first-ever virtual During the last few weeks our Senior School students from Grade 6 to Grade 11 attended TiempoAfuera workshops during tutor periods organized by our Pastoral Care Team.

Our main goal was to provide them with the opportunity of addressing topics connected to mental health such as how to deal with stress, anxiety and uncertainty in the current context and how to control our emotions. This can open up spaces at home within the family environment to discuss any further doubts about these topics.

Developing Self-Management Skills

Our Grade 4 students are learning the importance of developing their self-management skills in all aspects of life, especially personal and academic. They all know that self-management is the ability to set goals, manage their time and organise themselves effectively as well as being able to self-reflect and manage their emotions.

In order to deepen their understanding, they have been working in groups, making agreements and proposing examples or situations when they show emotional management, perseverance, self-motivation, resilience and how they can establish goals for short or long terms, and use their time efficiently (especially when they have to present an assignment in an established deadline).

Silver Level for our iGEM Team

In November, our iGEM Team (FDR-HB Peru) made up of students from Roosevelt College and HB participated in the Virtual Jamboree. The Jamboree is the event that marks the end of an iGEM season. During this event, teams gather to show the work they did during the season. This event is usually held in person but this year it became an online event because of the pandemic. The iGEM competition hosts teams from all over the world who are using synthetic biology to attempt to solve real problems.

Our project consisted of detecting cadmium levels in fishmeal; we do this using synthetic biology. This year has been particularly hard since we did not have access to our lab. However, this has not stopped us from making progress. We were able to educate hundreds of people about science and get everything ready for when we can go back to the lab.

To learn more about our accomplishments this year, we invite you to check out any of the following links:


• You can watch our promotion video, which explains our project: FDR-HB_Peru: Fishing for Cadmium (2020) – Project Promotion Video [Spanish]

• As part of the competition, we also created a video presenting our project to the judges, which can be accessed at the following link: FDR-HB_Peru: Fishing for Cadmium (2020) – Team Presentation [English]

• We also have a team website, called our Wiki:, which shows all of the work that we did as an iGEM team this year.

• Lastly, we created a poster for the competition to summarize our work visually:

During the Jamboree a team of judges looks at all of the content we presented above to evaluate whether or not we have met the criteria for the different awards (bronze, silver, or gold levels) given by the iGEM organization.  We also had a 25minute Q&A session with the judges via zoom where we answered questions regarding our work – both what we accomplished and what we plan for next year.

Last year we were proud to attain bronze level.  Despite the difficulties with the pandemic, we earned a silver medal for our work this year!


MYP Personal Project Exhibition

On Tuesday, October 20th, Hiram Bingham was proud to host the first-ever virtual MYP Personal Project Exhibition. After nearly a year of hard work, our Grade 9 students presented their projects to their families and our HB Community. In their presentations, our students had the opportunity to share their successes and challenges, reflect on their personal growth, and talk about how they overcome the difficulties of doing a Personal Project in the COVID pandemic. Students presented their projects via Meet to their families and the HB community and created a website to share their achievements.

Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

Our annual Grade 5 PYP Exhibition is the final Primary project before students move to Senior School; this project encourages them to take action as global citizens.

This year`s presentations took place virtually for the first time, and our students did an amazing job showcasing their tremendous effort and learning.



A video from our Teachers

In July our teachers made a special video for all our students:



HB Alumni

As part of our activities for the 40th Anniversary, we asked our alumni for any comments they might have looking back on their time as students at our school. We were amazed by how many responded and from a wide range of promotions. A selection of responses can be seen here:

How we evaluate in Hiram Bingham

Evaluación formativa para Pre Primaria y Primaria Formative assessment In Pre Primary & Primary The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning by providing ongoing feedback throughout the term. This has a two-fold purpose in that it can be used by teachers to improve their teaching and also by students in order to improve their learning.

More specifically, formative assessments:

• Help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that they need to work on.

• Help students recognize where students are struggling and address problems.

Examples of formative assessments include asking students to:

• Draw a concept map in class to represent their understanding of a topic.

• Submit one or two sentences identifying the main point of a lecture.

• Turn in a research proposal for early feedback.



Greetings from our Teachers

A message from our teachers to the students sent on April 17th



Primary Learning Platforms

Here you will find the list of platforms that are being used, some from the first term and others that children will start using in the second term:

- Starfall (G1).

- Padlet.

- Drive.

- Seesaw (Communication platform between students, teachers and parents, used to assign activities and upload evidence – New G1 and G2).

- Google Classroom (Communication platform between students and teachers. It is used to assign activities and upload evidence – G3, G4, G5).

- Bug Club (Platform that develops our Balanced literacy program. English- New from G1 to G5).

- Mathletics (Platform that develops logical-mathematical skills - from G1 to G5).

- A to Z (Platform to develop the reading plan in Spanish. New from G1 to G5).

Online Learning for Senior Schools

Our Senior school students punctually attended each one of their Classrooms and remained participatory and very collaborative in this new classroom environment. In their virtual classes, they have been able to interact in real-time with their teachers, listen to their explanations, ask questions, and answer the different activities proposed.

As parents, we ask for your support by:

- Reminding your child that they need to register punctually with their tutors every morning (Registration 7:50 – 8:00) and register in every class, including independent study time.

- Staying attentive to the time that your children dedicated to virtual work, remember that they need to turn in evidence of their work to the teacher.

- If they are having problems with the technology, they (or yourselves) should contact the teacher immediately.

- Remember that tutors and psychologists are available during the school day whether you or your child have any concerns about their progress.

- Checking your Sianet for messages from teachers (check junk mail, sometimes the notifications get sent there.).

- If your child is sick and you think she/he will not be able to normally attend classes, please write to the tutors in order to justify the situation.



PYP Exhibition Grade 5

On Wednesday, November 13th our Grade 5 students presented their PYP Exhibition. In the final year of the PYP programme students work on an extended, in –depth and collaborative Project.
This Project involves students looking into real life issues or problems. During this process students have the opportunity to synthesise all of the essential elements of the PYP in ways that can be shared with the whole school community.
Some of the problems that guided their inquiry were topics such as Animals in danger of extinction, Inequality, Migrations, Corruption, Pollution, Animal abuse, Malnutrition and School Desertion.
We would like to say a big thank you to all the people and students who were involved in this process. A special thanks goes to the PYP Mentors 2019 and Grade 5 tutors Xiomara Claudio, Cristina Gallegos, Susana Reátegui, Rocío Ballón, Katherine Meza, Lorena Bravo, Patricia García, Jennifer Barrera, Kim Solomon, Rosalyn Perez, Milagritos Osorio and Karen Murakami.



iGem Competition in Boston, USA

These initials stand for “International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition”, which is basically an organisation focused on synthetic biology.
One of their major activities is to promote competition and learning between students from around the world in this scientific area. This years competition recently took place in Boston and Hiram Bingham participated with 7 Grade 9 students: Ana Lucía Campos, Thiago Aguirre, Diego De Vivero, Fernanda Llanos, Miski Ñopo, Alessandra Rebagliati & Camila Shimabukuro and our Science teacher Claudia Muñoz.

Our students entered into a partnership with Roosevelt school for this competition and were the only school team from Latin America. They have been preparing for this event for over a year with many hours of after school work and their results were excellent with a bronze level medal and special prizes for “Best integrated human practices” and “best education and public engagement”. Over 350 teams (70+ from schools) from around the world participated and so our students and Claudia deserves special congratulations for this excellent work. We would like to invite you to visit our team FDR-HB_PERU web:

Well done!

Para Sportsmen visited HB

Our Grade 1 students worked on their Unit of Inquiry: Who we are. In this unit we discovered about our abilities, talents and capacities and how to overcome certain difficult situations and to do amazing things.

As part of our learning process we received the visit of two para athletes members of the NGO “Bend but not broken”, Mr. Jorge Beltrán and Mr. Ysabelino Apaza. This organization works with disabled sportsmen and women. Jorge and Ysabelino are both confined to wheelchairs and shared with our students how they play adapted tennis. They even gave some learners the chance to experience playing tennis in a wheelchair. It was a very meaningful moment which helped our learners to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges some people face and the great courage they have to overcome them.



Sporting successes:

At the end of last bimester various ADCA Championships came to their conclusion and our teams did extremely well. Hiram Bingham obtained the silver medal in basketball in girls «juveniles», the gold medal in basketball in boys «juveniles» and in volleyball the gold medal in girls «medianas». These results are a consequence of lots of preparation, effort and commitment and all the students and trainers deserve our congratulations. It is particularly worth noting that in all of these teams we have various students participating who belong to a younger age category, which makes the results all the more praiseworthy. It is also pleasing to see us winning in volleyball after various «lean» years. Well done everyone!



Creative Arts Activities During this Last Bimester:

During this bimester our students have been involved in various artistic events, which have involved a lot of preparation, commitment and effort. We have presented two drama productions, The Pied Piper of Hamelin and The Blood Bond (as part of the Drama Festival of the British Schools of Peru). We also hosted the ADCA schools Art Exhibition at which various of our artists exhibited their work. Finally, this week our Grade 4 students represented us at the annual ADCA Dance festival.
I would like to thank and congratulate all of the students and their teachers, for representing the school so well. Very well done!

BSP Book Look Challenge:

A fun and entertaining day full of learning experiences was the description given by the students who participated at the BSP Book Look Challenge event held at Hiram Bingham premises last Wednesday 11th.
Grade 5 BSP students had to solve tasks after reading some books in advance. There was writing about reading, drama, song performances, and an art activity. It was a successful celebration of reading and friendship.



First Suzuki Convention of the Americas in Mexico

Congratulations to our student Luciano Aguirre (Grade 9) who was one of only two violinists from Peru who were selected to form the group of 90 students from 27 different countries. These young musicians joined together to form an orchestra and they rehearsed for one week before their presentation in Cancun in early May.

You can see more at this video HERE.



MMUN Rome Conference 2019

From May 16th to 26th, our HB MUN team traveled to Italy to participate in the "Montessori Model United Nations" conference, at the Upper Elementary Level, held in the city of Rome. To complement the days of the conference, our delegates learnt about the history, art and traditions of the cities of Florence, Venice, Rome and The Vatican.

It is very important to mention that the students who participated had a very rigorous preparation process since November of last year, researching about the politics and culture of the different countries. This year, we represented the delegations of Germany, China and the United States of America in the following committees: DISEC, SOCHUM, ECOFIN, Security Council, FAO and SPECPOL.

We would like to congratulate our students for accepting this challenge with such responsibility, because it was not only about organizing their schedules to complete all the school work and organizing their time to prepare all the documents for the conference. It was also about preparing themselves for the study trips in Peru after this trip. We know all the effort that this has required and we thank you for representing so well, not only Hiram Bingham, but also Peru.

Congratulations to our sixth grade students: Alexia Velarde, Romina Mares, Alejandra Pancorvo, Marisol Torres, Luciana Rodriguez, Fabiana Avila, Zoe Quiñones, Kamila Vilcapoma, Rodrigo Muñoz and Lorenzo Giuffra. To our seventh grade students: Nicholas Cheng, Santiago Ochoa, Kenzo Ito, Miguel González, Giorgio Martins, Joaquín Palacios, Mariano Camacho, Micaela Llerena, Ana Lucía Fiestas and Alejandra Domínguez. Finally, many thanks to our teachers who accompanied the children in their preparation process and during the trip: Elena Vizurraga, Cristina Gallegos and Rosalyn Pérez.

We would also like to give a special congratulation to the delegates who were selected to speak at the closing ceremony at the FAO headquarters. These students were Santiago Ochoa, Alejandra Domínguez and Nicholas Cheng, from Grade 7.


MYP Study Trips

In early June the MYP students had the opportunity to learn more about Peru through their annual study trips. Grade 6 went to Trujillo and Chiclayo, Grade 7 to Cajamarca, Grade 8 to Tarapoto, and Grade 9 to Cusco.


In each of these trips our students learned more about the history, culture, and geography of these locations, as well as participating in a wide variety of activities, including academic investigations, HB Service activities, and short treks.




From Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th May, Alejandra Reategui, Antonia Portocarrero, Lucía Guerrero, Valentina Perez and Rafaela Diaz were part of the 50 students from 8 schools that participated in the annual ESD Camp (Education for Sustainable Development). With their groups they had to prepare a sustainable green project with the community of Matucana and the local authorities.


They had the opportunity to clean the Rimac river and gave English and dance classes to primary students from a state school with whom they also shared their ideas and projects. Action and connections with real environmental issues were part of our goal as ESD teachers.




MYP Student- Led Conference

On May 15th, our MYP Students (Grades 6-9) had the opportunity to share their learning experiences from Term 1 with their parents. At the end of Term 1, the students selected samples of their work that ‘best shows their learning’ to create their MYP Portfolio. After discussing their reflections and the comments from the teachers, the MYP students worked with their parents to set learning goals for Term 2.


Reflection is a fundamental element in the MYP curriculum; the participation of parents in their students’ reflections is a valuable part of their learning experiences.

BSP Debate Competition

On Saturday 27th April, five Hiram Bingham students from Grade 11 participated in the BSP Form IV – V Debate hosted by San Silvestre School.


They engaged in thought-provoking debates of complex current issues while demonstrating the attributes of the Hiram Bingham profile.


MindGirl: leadership program for girls

Our Grade 9 student, Valentina Soto had the opportunity to participate in Mindgirl NY, an intensive leadership program, which seeks the personal development of adolescents, through conferences and workshops given by executives of large companies such as Nasdaq, Google, JP Morgan, Delloite, Huge, New York Times, etc.


We would like to congratulate Valentina for this achievement, as she was selected to participate in this program.

HB Students at the United Nations Organization

Our Grade 10 students: Stefano Rivera Rivas, Rodrigo de la Rosa and Santiago Chau, attended the Model United Nations Montessori Conference representing Peru in the best way possible. This Conference was held in New York – USA, from March 20th to 23rd. Our students fulfilled the function of «Chairs» taking care of boys and girls from different countries.


 It is worth remembering that the United Nations Organization has identified a series of global problems that afflict us, and through the Model United Nations Montessori Program, it brings together young people of different ages and nationalities, who share their ideas, debate international issues, negotiate with other students and try to resolve conflicts by proposing innovative solutions. This has been a unique experience our students, since they have been able to lead this assignment with great responsibility and maturity. Congratulations guys!

BEO: Great News from the UK

We are very proud to announce that HB BEO (British English Olympics) team is having a great year in the 2019 competition! The HB team has advanced to the semi-finals in the competition, won a Cup for the Mystery Challenge, and one of our participants, David Mogrovejo, has placed third in the Talent Night! These successes are especially remarkable because this year the HB BEO team is the smallest in the competition.


Congratulations to the whole team and their supervisor, Ms. Mabel, for the months of hard work they put in preparing for these academic and cultural competitions. Good luck to everyone in the final days of the BEO competition!





We were very sorry to receive the sad news of the death in England on November 22nd, of Elsie (Stevie) Eckford at the age of 89. Stevie, along with Isabel Massa de Musante (Miss Chabuca), was one of the principal founders of our school back in 1980 and when we set up our house system in 1988, we honoured her memory by naming one of our houses after her.


She was also our first Headteacher from 1980 to December, 1987 when she retired, returned to England and was replaced by Mr Pringle. Hiram Bingham owes a great deal to the enthusiasm and energy of Stevie whose love of children and strong belief in child centered learning provided the foundations which still characterise our school today. May she rest in peace.


The British Schools of Peru (BSP), which consists of a group of 8 schools with Mr Pringle as the President, recently formalised the association with a reception offered at the British Embassy residence.


Please see this letter HERE from the Heads of the 8 schools and THIS summary of the aims and purpose of the BSP.


In recent weeks a large number of our students have represented our school in the three annual ADCA Creative Arts events - music, dance and art. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of these students for their participation and all of the parents for their support in attending these events.


I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.



Hiram Bingham hosted the IB Lima 2018 workshops from October 4th to October 6th. A total of 13 workshops were held for PYP, MYP, & Diploma with the participation of 210 teachers and school Directors from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and the United States. 27 members of our staff received training in different workshops. Ms Elena Vizurraga was in charge of the organization of this event in conjunction with the Regional Office of the International Baccalaureate and at the same time gave the workshop "Understanding of Leadership" addressed to managers and coordinators of IB schools.


We thank and congratulate all the staff of the school for their collaboration and commitment in support of this important professional development event.


Personal Project Exhibition

On September 20th, our Grade 9 students had their Personal Project Exhibition, showing the results of their hard work throughout their last year of MYP.

This was an opportunity not only to reflect on their development, but to share their learning and achievements with their family and the HB community. Congratulations to Grade 9!

One Act Play

On Thursday, September 6th one of the most important and expected events of the BSP Association, the One Act Play Festival, was held at the Cambridge School. The play "13 Reasons Why not to be in a Play" was presented in English, our students showed great artistic talent, mastery of scene and a very good level of English. It was performed by: Ivana Moran, Laila Hamideh, Miski Ñopo, Fernanda Llanos, Fabrizio del Rio, Roberto Morales, Santiago Sánchez who were led by Alexis Yamauchi, Valerie Alva and Romina Soto, under the guidance and supervision, at first by MIss Marjorie Hernández, who left us in July and whose great work was assumed by MIss Provi Arbe & Prof. José Antonio Ponce .

We remind you that the One Act Play workshop, for those students who are interested in participating, is given every Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm and you can contact Ms. Provi or Prof. José Antonio.

ADCA Basket Championships

In the second bimester, our Boys Medium Team won the ADCA Basketball Championship gold medal in their category. In the third bimester, our Pre mini Girls Team and Junior Girls Team won silver medals in their ADCA Basketball Championships.

We congratulate our teams and their coaches for the achievements!

HB Week

From July 9th to July 13th, we celebrated the 38th Anniversary of our school. Our alumni (see photo) from the first years came to share their long-awaited memories.

Our beloved teachers: Ms Chabuca, Ms Anita, Ms Catherine, Ms Ruby, Ms Lili and Ms Provi shared their personal anecdotes from those early years.

All our students wanted to show their affection and love to the school, preparing creative murals, songs and dances.

Grade 11 CAS

“In July we had the opportunity to visit Albergue Federico Ozanam in Chilca. This was a very nice and enriching experiences, since we could help & learn. We were able to meet children full of joy and love to share. We had highs and lows during the work, but after all I can say that we could go ahead as a group, a family, and we achieved our goal to build them a slide and a swing, and the most important, to see their beautiful smile and eyes full of joy."

Chiara Alfaro Grade 11 Student

MYP Grade 9: Personal Project

Term 3 is a busy time for the Personal Project; students are finishing their products, writing their reports and preparing for the Personal Project Presentation. We would like to share the work of our student, Rodrigo De la Rosa. His objective was to promote the participation in MUN (Model United Nations) by creating a video that would go viral.

To complete this project he had to research the organization, investigate student opinions, learn how to create a video, produce the video and promote the video. This week his video was recognized by the Montessori Model United Nations organization and shared on their Facebook account. Congratulations to Rodrigo and to all the Grade 9 students in their continued hard work.

Please click on the link below to watch Rodrigo’s video:

HB MUN 2018

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, our school hosted the Hiram Bingham Model United Nations conference 2018. In this event, we received more than 120 students from 5 different schools such as Antonio Raimondi, Villa Maria, Salcantay, Santa Maria Marianistas and Cambridge.

We would like to thank all the HBMUN team for organising the third edition of this conference which has been made possible by the help from our teachers: Rosalyn Perez, Cristina Gallegos and Corey Hoover. We also would like to thank our Secretary General team: Rodrigo De la Rosa, Santiago Chau and Stefano Rivera. Finally, thanks to our ex HB students who participated as masters of ceremony and directors of different committees, and special thanks to Ana Maria Romero - Lozada who gave an inspiring speech for all the participants during our closing ceremony.

We appreciate the commitment and responsibility of all our students from Grade 6,7,8,9 and Diploma, to dedicate their time this weekend so that this conference could be carried out with such success.


We are delighted to inform you that out of the 150 schools who participated in the British English Olympics (BEO) in England this year, our HB team finished in third place. Students competed throughout only using English in such areas as debate, country presentation, drama, TED talk. This result is a tribute to their English skills, but also to their creativity and to their ability to perform under pressure and in public.

Congratulations to all the team and to their teachers Miss Jayanti and Miss Mabel, for preparing them for this success.


Members of Hiram Bingham MUN team participated in the Montessori Model United Nations Conference in New York that was held on February, from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th. The students from grade 6 who were part of this event are Kenzo Ito, Samantha Hopkins, Mateo Linares, Mariano Camacho, Joaquin Palacios, Valeria Argandoña, Melinda Pozsgai, Santiago Rodríguez and Nicholas Cheng. We also had three students from grade 7: Francisco Wong, Karim Ahomed and Alonso Ortiz. The teachers who accompanied our students were Ms. Cristina Gallegos and Ms. Rosalyn Perez.

During this conference, our students represented the delegation of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the following committees: SOCHUM, SPECPOL, UNGA5TH, Security Council, DISEC and LEGAL Committee. They discussed different topics related to international disarmament, situation of refugees, diplomatic protection and others. They also participated in some cultural activities, met students from many different countries and were part of an amazing closing ceremony in the United Nations General Assembly.

Our students also had a very interesting conversation with Glauco Seoane, Peruvian Counsellor in the UN and this was a very rewarding experience for them.

We want to congratulate our Hiram Bingham MUN delegation for the big effort and all the hard preparation for more than 4 months.

Our teachers during the balanced literacy workshops

Balanced Literacy

Since the end of last year we have made improvements in our language programme, emphasizing in the Pre Primary and Primary continuums. One of the objectives is to implement balanced literacy from UN to Grade 5. That is why during the weeks prior to the beginning of classes, our teachreading, which will be applied in the classrooms from the first weeks of classes.

What is balanced literacy?

It consists in presenting to the students a menu of attractive and balanced reading and writing strategies, many of which are related to the inquiries that are within the framework of the PYP.

BSP Interschool Debate Tournament

In September, Hiram Bingham hosted the first ever BSP Interschool Debate Tournament (Previous debates have been with teams mixed beween schools). HB sent two teams with students from Grade 8, 9 and 10 to participate in English in a debate tournament against San Silvestre and Newton. The teams debated the merits of factory farms, performance-enhancing drugs in sports and comprehensive public healthcare. One of the Hiram Bingham teams reached the final round, narrowly losing to San Silvestre in a tie-break decision. Congratulations to all the HB Debaters and a special thanks to the Grade 10 students who served as Moderators and Time-Keepers.


Our congratulations to the HB parents swimming team who won the ADEPAFA SWIMMING CUP 2017 (Asociación deportiva de padres de familia de colegios católicos) and a special mention to Melissa Peña for winning the tournament Best Swimmer. Well done! More generally, I would also like to thank all parents for your support and interest throughout the year and particularly to the parents who have been helping us as "HB Supporters". Successful education depends on cooperation between school and home!

Spring Festival

During the last week of Term 4 our Primary students participated in the Spring Festival. There were nine contests and students chose three to participate. They demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and creativity. As every year the most popular contest was Mini chef and the Talent show. It was a success!

Our Grade 8 Student, Nicole Casariego

Our Grade 8 student, Nicole Casariego, participated in the final stage of the 2017 School National Games where she obtained the first place in the following swimming tests: 50 m. free style, 50 m. back style and 100 m. back style; in addition she won two medals for the second place in: relays 4 x 50 m. free style and 4 x 50 m. combined style. Nicole was named The Best Technical Swimmer in Category B - Damas. We are very proud of you Nicole!

New House Leaders

2017 Head Boy & Head Girl (Chiemi & Ricardo) 2017 - 2018 Head Boy & Head Girl (Micaela & David)

Last week we announced our new student leaders - Head Boy and Head Girl, Prefects, House Captains and Vice Captains - for the period from August, 2017 to July, 2018. You can see all their names in the following chart HERE

In previous years, our student leaders occupied their positions from March to December, but we decided that from now on it would be much more convenient to change the terms of office to August to July. The fundamental reason is because of the many obligations of our Grade 11 students, particularly in the second semester of their final year, which means that it is extremely difficult for them to properly fulfill their leadership roles after July of their final year.

My thanks to the outgoing Grade 11 leaders for their work and my congratulations and best wishes to all the new leaders from Grade 10 and the vice captains from Grade 9. I am sure they will do an excellent job.


One of our school aims is to further improve the service we offer our students in university and careers guidance both for local and international universities. As part of that, we have been particularly focusing on the area of universities outside Peru. In the first semester one of our staff went for special training in the USA with the College Board, the admissions organisation for universities in the USA and Canada.

We have also recently signed an agreement with the ten US universities involved in theInternational University Alliance (see the image above), which offers important benefits for our HB students. For students or parents who would like more details, please contact our Universities and Careers Counsellor, Karim Leon, at You can read more about the benefits HERE

2017 Pacific Cup

Our student Nicole Casariego represented our country in the Copa Pacífico y Copa Absoluta Julio Maglioni held in Santa Cruz - Bolivia, obtaining the Bronze medal in combined 4*100 posts and a meritorious 4th place in the 100 meter Freestyle. As a Team, Peru won second place in the Copa Pacífico and First in the Copa Absoluta Julio Maglioni.

Winning Team, Prof. Marco Polo & Mr. Pringle

A few weeks ago we celebrated the team gold medal won by our girls basketball team in the "medianas" category, particularly notable because we are competing against schools with many more students to choose from than we do. Now our boys team, in the same "medianos" category, have also won the team gold medal. Congratulations to all members of the team and coach German!

HB Scuba Diving

MYP students from Grade 8 during PE hours, enjoying the diving training as part of the "Towards the underwater world through the teaching of Scuba Diving" unit, in agreement with the company Spondylus - PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

BSP Debate

On Thursday the Grade 10 students from Hiram Bingham participated in the first BSP Debate of 2017. Micaela Minaya and Adriana Barrantes represented HB in a spirited debate about the responsibilities countries have for refugees, working on teams with students from other British schools in Peru.

These debates are conducted entirely in English so are an excellent opportunity for the students to practice their English. In addition students have to do research about current affairs topics as part of their preparation, which makes them more aware of what is happening in the world.

MMUN Conference at HB

This past weekend, nearly 220 students and teachers from 13 schools in Lima and one from Trujillo participated in the second Hiram Bingham Model United Nations Conference for Middle School students following the Montessori MUN approach and the UN4MUN adapted Rules of Procedures becoming the first school MUN in Peru following these principles and procedures.

Students debated and found solutions to world issues and had an incredible educational experience within the collaborative spirit of the conference.

Congratulations to Mr Marco Bauer and the whole HBMUN team!

House Activities in Grade 1 & Grade 2

On Tuesday we carried out a series of house activities, joining together students from different school promotions and also students from Grades 10 and 11 with those from Primary. These activities were organized and led by the house captains, as part of our focus on student leadership. For the students, their normal day to day life in school is almost entirely with their peers from their promotion. These sorts of activities, which involve the vertical integration of students, are very important in fostering a wider sense of community and belonging.

Outstanding IB Diploma results

An outstanding characteristic of Hiram Bingham is the very high percentage of the COMPLETE PROMOTION which obtains the IB Diploma and this makes us different from many other schools. The percentage of the promotion obtaining an IB Diploma over the last 4 years has been
2016 - 79%
2015 – 85%
2014 – 84%
2013 – 86%

Our Headmaster

Derek Pringle, pictured here with the 2017 Head Students, Chiemi Betalleluz and Ricardo Yamamoto, was born and raised in Scotland and completed his secondary education at John Watson’s school in Edinburgh (now the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art). He did his first degree in International History and Politics at the University of Leeds in northern England and completed his postgraduate teacher training at the Institute of Education, part of the University of London.

He began his career as a history teacher in Barnet in north London and in 1983 arrived in Peru to work at Colegio San Silvestre. From 1988 to early 2007, he was Headmaster here at Hiram Bingham, playing a fundamental part in the introduction and consolidation of the International Baccalaureate programmes, enabling Hiram Bingham to be the first school in Peru to offer all three programmes. Mr. Pringle widened his experience as Headmaster by leading Redland School in Chile for 2 years and then St George’s, Quilmes in Argentina for 7 years. He rejoined Hiram Bingham at the start of 2016.

He served for 6 years on the IB Heads Regional Council for the Americas and for a similar length of time on the IB World Heads Council. He has also been President of the Latin American Heads conference, which groups together the major British style schools on our continent.

Mr. Pringle is married to a Peruvian, Ana Maria and they have one son, Andrew, who is an architect.

Prom #27, 2016 – Where are they now?

LAHC Sao Paulo - 2017

In the photo you can see our four students - Ann and Mali (from Grade 11) plus Pamela and Micaela (from Grade 10) - along with Mr Pringle, who are representing Hiram Bingham at this conference in Brasil, which will finish on Saturday. The theme of the conference is creativity and more than 40 British style schools from all over Latin America are participating in this event. Congratulations to all 4 girls for being such good representatives of HB!

Farewell Ceremony to Miss Cathy and Miss Ruby:

Primary students organized an emotional farewell to Ms. Cathy and Ms. Ruby, who retired after 35 years of working at Hiram Bingham. Grade 4 Alpha was in charge of conducting this assembly and presented dances, songs and poetry.

At the end, all Primary students made their way in different areas of the school and said goodbye with warm applause .

British English Olympics

This is our school team who will represent us in the British English Olympics in the UK at the end of March.

Pastoral Care Activities

We started Pastoral Care activities 2017 with our Grade 10 students who spent a fruitful journey at Azpitia. Our risk-taking students faced many challenges with enthusiasm and positivity.

First news