The aim of the IBO is to educate the whole person and to form responsible and compassionate citizens. Participation in the school’s CAS programme encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work, thus fostering students’ awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic area.

Macas 2003 - 2013

It all started 10 years ago when Mrs. Hiromi and her family found a village called Macas, without light, water and other basic services. A community that is in the district of Santa Rosa de Quives in the province of Canta, at the height to kilometer 42 of the road of said province. Since then, it was decided that every year the promotion of grade 11 was to provide a significant potion to the college in that community. Throughout all these years in the school of Macas, 4 pre-fabricated classrooms were built, a pre-fabricated kitchen with its basic inplements, two wooden playgrounds, a pre-made warehouse, 10 computers were installed in the computer room, 90 square meters of grass and 20 trees. Finally donated to 8 families in the community, beds, desks and gas stoves. There were ten promotions that also shared every year in December, the Christmas party.

Macas is a place that united usa ll to reach the same purpose, which is to help others regardless of their economic and social condition. We went, not only helped the whole community, but also learned to do things you never thought to do.

Having lived this beautiful experience, the majority of the students throughout all these years expressed their happiness to have been part of this great social aid, because it is very gratifying to see a smile so great in all the people we met.

This year saw the difficult decession of starting a new project called Saint Martha, located in the district of Pachacamac in the urbanization of Pica-Piedra. We look forward to the support of thee entire Hiram Bingham family to continue to do this incredible work that nourishes us with many enriching joys and experiences.

See you soon Macas! Welcome Saint Martha!

Teacher Maurizio Chiarella

CAS Diploma Coordinator